How to prepare the ground before having your shipping container delivered

A shipping container is built to last for about 10 to 12 years. One of the aspects of ensuring a shipping container lasts for many years is preparing a solid and stable foundation for the container to rest on. Placing a shipping container for sale on the unstable ground could cause damage to the container and its contents. Therefore, if you plan to deliver a shipping container on your property, you’ll need to prepare the foundation to avoid problems and keep your container in top shape.

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to prepare the ground before having a shipping container delivered.

Level the ground

A shipping container should be placed on level ground to avoid tipping over and underside corrosion. Whether you are unloading cargo, loading, or simply storing the container, it’s recommended to level the ground and ensure the surface is firmer. You can either lay a concrete foundation or get a compactor to help you achieve a flat and compact surface. Whether you are temporarily storing your container or you want to create something permanent like a workspace, a level ground will make everything easier for you.

Ensure the surface is dry

Placing your shipping container on a wet surface not only exposes the container to corrosion but it’s also a recipe for container rain. There are many other things that can go wrong when your container comes into contact with water. Be sure to drain the water and ensure the ground is dry before placing your shipping container.

Ensure the ground is accessible

You don’t want the truck delivering the shipping container to take the whole day trying to access the ground. Ensure the ground is accessible otherwise preparing the ground would turn out to be a futile exercise. In addition, it’s a good idea to leave some space around the container. You’ll need enough room to get items like furniture and machinery into the container if you plan to convert the container into a workspace or living space.

If you’ll be using the container for storage, you’ll need adequate space to load and unload items. A basic rule is to have space two times the length of the storage container. 

Build a concrete slab

If you intend to position a shipping container on a permanent basis on your property, one of the best ways to prepare the ground is to lay a solid concrete foundation. For example, if you are transforming a storage container for sale into a restaurant or home, having a concrete reinforced slab makes logical sense. Not only will a concrete slab prevent the container from coming into contact with water, but it will also allow air to pass beneath.


Install pile foundations


For an area with weak soil or a sandy area, you should install pile foundations to support the base of concrete. This will keep the container in place even if the soil erodes away.

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