Can I Rent To Own A Shipping Container Instead Of Buying It?

Can I Rent To Own A Shipping Container Instead Of Buying It?

Shipping Containers / by Tami M.

Yes, you can! Here at Used Conex, we not only sell shipping containers but you can also “rent to own” shipping containers. But wait, there’s more than

just renting to own, there is also a short-term rental option as well. In this post, I will explain what rent to own means, if you should rent to own, and the various rental options that Used Conex provides.

What is Rent To Own?

If you’re not familiar with the term rent to own let me explain it to you. “Rent to own” means you can make a set number of monthly payments for a certain amount of time to pay off the cost of what you are buying. In this case, you would be buying a shipping container.

For example, think of maybe buying a large television set for your living room. Most people

can’t afford to pay cash for the tv so they rent to own it instead. Well, you can do the same thing with a shipping container. You just sign a contract and agree to monthly payments until you pay it off. It’s that simple!

Should I Rent To Own?

Deciding to rent to own is a very personal decision and a question that you should consider. Renting to own a shipping container can be very cost-efficient and convenient especially if you don’t have the cash to buy one up front.

Plus, you should also consider if you need a shipping container for more than two years. If the answer is yes, then renting to own would be a better option than just renting it and returning it back.

Lastly, it’s an asset. You can always turn around and resell it. Shipping containers are always needed and in high demand.

Shipping Container Rental Options

At Used Conex, we have two types of rental options you can choose from. First, is the option to rent to own. All you need to do is fill out the rent-to-own application on our website after deciding which term and monthly payment fits your budget. The best part is that we don’t ask for a security deposit

upfront like most other companies do. This will save you a lot of money!

The second option we have is a short-term rental. Similar to our rent-to-own application, you would simply complete our temporary rental application online after you have decided which container and term fits your budget best. The difference, however, is that with this option you can hire a container anywhere from 1 to 24 months and then return it when you’re done! We just ask for you to pay the round-trip delivery fee to get you started.


In this post, I covered what rent to own means and if you should rent to own as well as the two types of rental options we provide. Interested? If you’re wondering where to rent a shipping container and how to apply, then just either click this link for our rent-to-own application or click here to apply to our short-term rental application.


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