Do shipping containers get hot in the sun?

Do shipping containers get hot in the sun?

Indeed, shipping containers can become quite warm when exposed to the sun. The container’s metal exterior is capable of absorbing heat from the sun, resulting in an increase in temperature within the container. This is especially true during hot weather conditions or throughout summer months where sunlight exposure is more intense. The internal temperature of a container has been known to elevate drastically on warmer days and may even surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Such circumstances could create difficult situations for items kept inside the container, particularly those that are vulnerable to high temperatures or moisture levels.

To lessen the impact of high temperatures, shipping containers are frequently covered with a unique paint that reflects sunlight and lowers heat absorption. Furthermorecertain containers may be equipped with ventilation systems or insulation to manage temperature and protect merchandise from harm during transportation.


Do shipping containers get hot in the sun?

How to keep shipping containers cool in summer?

Managing the temperature of a shipping container during hot seasons can pose difficultieshowever, there are various measures that may be implemented to regulate its internal temperature and safeguard the items kept inside.

  1. Paint the container with a reflective coating: A reflective coating can help to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption by the container. This can help to keep the container cooler on hot days.
  2. Install ventilation: Proper ventilation can help to regulate the temperature inside the container by allowing hot air to escape and cool air to circulate. You can install vents or fans in the container to achieve this.
  3. Insulate the container: Insulating the container can help to prevent heat from entering the container, keeping the temperature inside more consistent. You can use foam insulation or other types of insulation to achieve this.
  4. Use shade: Placing the container in a shaded area can help to reduce the amount of direct sunlight the container receives, which can help to keep it cooler.
  5. Use air conditioning: If you have access to power, you can install an air conditioning unit in the container to regulate the temperature. This can be particularly important if you are storing goods that are sensitive to heat or humidity.

You can maintain a cool temperature within your shipping container during summer and safeguard the items stored in it by following these measures.

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