Our goal is to provide the best services to you and we’d like to make sure we’ll meet your needs, so we wish to inform you about the process of delivering your order and we also want to confirm a few details before we schedule you for delivery to ensure that you have enough space for the container.

Any delivery issues resulting from misinformation or lack of space will be subject to an extra delivery charge that you’ll be responsible for. We kindly advise you to please read the entire page, and fill out the order confirmation form on this page so we can start working on your order as soon as possible. Thank you!

Delivery Process (Average 10 – 15 business days)
  • Step 1.  Once we receive your order confirmation form, our relations team will check on all the information you’ve provided to ensure that you have all the requirements for a smooth delivery. If they need more info they will reach out to you again. (This process usually takes 1-2 business days)
  • Step 2. Our relations team will send your order to our inventory department so they can assign a container to your order. Once Inventory assigns a container to your order, they will send a copy of the release number to the depot to notify them in order for the unit to be accessible for pick up. (this process  takes about 3 business days). 
  • Step 3. Once depot confirms accessibility of the unit, our inventory will send a copy of the release information to our logistics team so they book the trucking company. (Sometimes it can take up to 5 business days for the trucking company to provide an ETA)
  • Step 4.  Once we have an ETA for your order, our customer relations team will send you an automated email notifying you about the delivery date. 
Ways To Contact Us About Your Order
  • Message us via the live chat-box on our website at www.usedconex.com
  • Email support: orders@usedconex.com
  • Customer service line: (800) 230-7764 

Used Conex Order Confirmation Form

Order Details

Please confirm your order details exactly as shown on your paid invoice.
Please mention the invoice number that you've paid on.
Please mention the exact address on your invoice
Please mention the best phone number and email address we can reach you at. (Please specify how you prefer to be contacted)
Please confirm the container that you've purchased.

Delivery Details

Please Answer the questions below
How would you like your container loaded? Would you like the doors of your container to be facing the cab of the truck or facing the back of the cab (meaning the doors would be the first to come off the trailer)?
Please confirm all the following requirements by checking all the boxes below. (If you are not sure about meeting the requirements then please upload pictures/videos in the next steps on the same form).
Max. file size: 1 GB.
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