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You’ve checked hundreds of our customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau and Google, watched our customer reviews on YouTube, seen pictures of the containers we’ve delivered on our social media, read our 25-Year industry leading warranty, seen our secure payment options such as credit/debit cards and e-Check and still not sure about ordering a container?

We hear you! You don’t see the container because the containers are stacked at the depots and you can’t see the exact one that you might want!

Buying shipping containers sight unseen can be nerve-racking even if it’s from an A rating company like USED CONEX with thousands of customers nationwide!

Even though we serve many customers who trust our brand and order containers and pay before delivery, we still have customers who wish payment upon delivery was an option for them! We care about our customers and we try our best to help them ease their mind about their purchase experience.

That is why we are proud to be the first nationwide company to offer the option to pay after the container has been delivered!

Our customers can apply to see if they are eligible for our NO INTEREST RATE/NO EXTRA FEES payment after delivery option. All you need to do is to fill out the application form to get started!


How may I know If I’ll be eligible for payment after delivery? 

Once you submit your application, our accounting team will check on your documents to ensure you’re capable of paying for your container. 

How long does it take to approve my application? 

This process takes about 3 business days if all documents were summited correctly. 

Will you check my credit score? 

No, we do not check your credit score but we approve or decline your application based on the last 6 months of your bank statements and the last 3 months of your pay stubs. 

I am not a W2 employee and I work for myself or I own a business, can I still apply?

Self employed or business owners are not eligible for this program, but you can either pay for the container using our other payment methods or apply for commercial financing. Click here to learn more! 

I want to pick up my container myself, can I pay at the depot?

Container yards are like  warehouses to store the containers. And, different container suppliers use these facilities as storage. We do not have an office or a representative at the shipping container yards to collect the payment from you. Our after delivery payment is only available to customers who hire us to deliver their container.

Do I have to pay anything up front? 

You’d need to pay for the delivery fee upfront using the same credit card you’re going to use in order to pay for your container once it gets delivered.  

When will I pay for the container? 

Once we deliver your container, we will collect the payment for the container using the same credit card that you previously used to make the delivery payment. If your card declines, we will contact you to provide another form of payment.

Is there any late fees if I don’t make the payment the same day as I receive my container? 

You will be charged a late fee per day for 3 business days. The late fee is either 10% of the due amount on your invoice or the maximum fee applicable by law whichever is greater. After 3 business days, your account including the late payment fees will be sent to collections.  

How will I be sure that I will receive my container when I pay for delivery upfront? 

Once your application gets approved, our accounting will send you the sales agreement to sign and your invoice will reflect the payment method and the amount paid which you can use as proof of purchase.  You’ll also receive receipt of your payments directly to your email. 

How many days does it take to receive my container? 

Our average delivery timeframe is 10-15 business days and in some areas it may be up to 20 business days depending on the driver’s availability. To get a more accurate time-frame please get in touch with one of our sales agents. 


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