Have you ever tried selling a pair of tennis rackets you never got to use on Facebook Marketplace?

In this article, we will discuss making money by selling things on Facebook Marketplace. Don’t worry; you won’t sell your couch or TV to make money; you need those for yourself! 

We’re talking about selling used shipping containers on Facebook Marketplace. Yes! You heard it right! You can make a lot of money by selling shipping containers in the United States. Our company repurposes these shipping containers for storage and sells them to farmers, business owners, or anyone looking for affordable storage. 

You may wonder how many people buy these shipping containers, how much money you can make doing this, and why someone would look for a shipping container on Facebook Marketplace! 

Our company is a major supplier in this market, supplying and delivering over 1,000 shipping containers to customers monthly! The demand for these containers is high, and you can make $100 per container you sell through our company. 

The best part? 

You don’t need to invest any money to sell these shipping containers. The process is easy, and with Facebook Marketplace being a free platform, you can start your journey without any initial investment! 

Start your exciting shipping container journey by joining our team! Become a part of our Internal Sales Assistants Group on Facebook today! 



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