Storm Shelter Using Shipping Containers

No doubt, severe weather like tornadoes is life-threatening. When they come, you do not have adequate time to move your loved ones to a safe place. You need to make an urgent decision to save their lives. Instead of rushing, you can consider making a storm shelter using shipping containers. Storm shelters are underground bunkers designed to withstand harsh and stormy weather.
In most cases, Used Conex boxes are a good choice for creating these storm bunkers. These boxes are sturdy and durable. Also, they are easy to set up and affordable.

But how do you get to make one using them?

Here are four tips:

  • Determine the dimension of your property

  • Prioritize your family size

  • Have the proper structural design

  • Choose ideal interiors

Determine the dimension of your property

The place you will set up your storm shelter is crucial in determining the size of the shipping container you will require. If you have a large property, you can go for large containers and vice versa. It is crucial to measure the area you want to set the context box up before ordering one. You can also mark the site for having a clear idea of the interior space you and your family will enjoy. This way, you will have a comfortable shelter to live in until the storm is over.

Prioritize your family size

As you know, different family sizes will require varying accommodation areas. A big family will need more space than a small one. Before you buy shipping containers, you should ensure that they can accommodate your family. The good thing is; that used Conex boxes are available in different sizes. So, you’ll get one fit for your family size.

Have the proper structural design

Storms are destructive. They sweep away any structure or item that blocks their way. In this regard, your structural design determines whether your storm shelter will sail through or not. While shipping containers are sturdy, how well you set them up counts in making them

a haven during storms.

One of the ways to ensure your storm shelter is firm is by considering buying it. In other words, you can create an underground storm bunker. Such a structural design is that it keeps away storm dirt and the raging winds.

Alternatively, you need to develop a firm exterior structure that can withstand the storm. It would help if you also considered the habitability of the shelter. So, make sure it is air-tight and well-ventilated. This way, your family will be safe from dirt and respiratory issues.

Choose ideal interiors

Regardless of the prevailing situation, you and your family need to enjoy a comfortable shelter. Your storm shelter is no different. The top should have ideal interior elements that can accommodate every family member. When you buy shipping containers, ensure they are large enough to keep your family safe throughout the storm. So, ensure it has the right lights, beddings, food, water, and other crucial safety kits.

In a word, making a storm shelter with a used conex container is not a hard tackle. All you need is to buy shipping containers fit for your family and property size. Also, you need to get suitable interiors and structure them to stand the severe weather.

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