Top 5 Common Issues When Reusing Shipping Containers

Top 5 Common Issues When Reusing Shipping Containers

The purchase you made with the shipping container company was an excellent bargain! However, with every project transpires its possible obstacles, and you can think of a number of them. Like every home, the most common problem you may face is pests, and there are several ways to defeat them. Be careful, though. When trying to fix one problem, it might lead to another. For example, some pesticide products might have chemicals that will corrode your shipping container. So, here are five common issues when reusing shipping containers and practical ways we can use to conquer them.


Rust and Anti Rust Paint

Shipping containers are made of Corten steel, considered “Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel.It’s made to withstand atmospheric weathering, but it still contains iron, so it rusts. You might think paint is enough to withstand harsh conditions at sea, but transport companies usually apply corrosion protection to steel surfaces. It keeps the shipping containers looking clean and reduces rust on the outside. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to inspect your shipping container after you buy it. If you plan to place your shipping container in a temperate or subpolar region, you’ll need to check it regularly for rust. You should keep your shipping container away from ice, snow, and water because moisture oxidizes the steel metal, which causes rust. 

Pests, Insects and Control

Nobody likes pests, especially your sister! But, like in every home, pests are a problem, and there are different pests. The most common are antsfliesfleascockroachesspidersrats, and mice. The best and most common way to defeat pests is by using pesticides or contacting an exterminator. Both are good ways to beat pests but might cost you, and pesticides might react to the metal even though shipping containers are fumigated the time they are created. An appointment with the local exterminator can cost you $150 to $300. Fortunately, an excellent alternative pesticide you can use is used oil. So the next time you go to your trusted auto shop to have your oil changed, ask them if you can keep your used oil. You now have a recycled and affordable pesticide and saved yourself some money.

Holes and Leaks

Shipping containers being sold are usually Wind and Watertight. Sellers will immediately reject shipping containers that have holes or leaks. However, it would be best to thoroughly inspect your shipping container for deep rust spots, punctures, or other damages which may allow water or wind to come in. In the old days, you would think the easier way to patch that puncture is by welding it since shipping containers are made of steel. Unfortunately, welding is an old method and can be dangerous without proper caution. Fortunately, technology has gifted us with fiberglass reinforced polyester. You can buy this at your local hardware store. To apply it, just peel it, patch that hole and leave it in the sun to harden. You can then sand it and paint it. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Heat and Cold

Shipping containers are made of steel, making them absorb the surrounding temperature effortlessly. This can be a problem if you plan to store food and beverages in your shipping container because constant temperature changes can damage your goods and might cause them to rot. Instead, you can add vents at each end of the shipping container to provide enough airflow to keep your food, beverages, and other goods dry. You can add a basic window air conditioner if you’re building your shipping container as an office or home and connecting electricity to cool your unit. In addition, if you have electricity connected, a dehumidifier is another option to eliminate condensed water. Lastly, painting the exterior white reduces the breathing of your shipping container during an all-day heating and cooling process by reflecting the sun.

Dents and Dings

As we see in pictures of shipping containers on the internet, they are usually stack when transported across the globe. Also, one part of the ocean may be calm and stormy in another. This can cause damage to the steel metal that shipping containers are made of. If you think dents aren’t pretty, you can patch them and paint them. You can also cover it with decoration.

A Math major will tell you that every equation has a solution. An Olympic athlete will tell you that you can hurdle every obstacle. Indeed, every problem has a solution, but not every mind is equip to find that solution. So we use the internet to find the answers! Also, don’t be afraid to contact your shipping container provider; they will usually have the best answers on how to care for your shipping container!


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