Collapsible Containers | Why Use Them?

Collapsible Containers | Why Use Them?

Collapsible Containers / Written by Tami McDonald

It’s a known fact that we now have a global warming problem.  Our Mother Earth is heating up more and more every year.

What if I told you that collapsible shipping containers could help to eliminate this problem?

Let this post take you on a journey.  The journey on how foldable shipping containers can reduce shipping costs.  Solve congestion problems, save space, and save the environment!

Collapsible Shipping Containers

Have you ever heard of collapsible shipping containers?

Neither have I until I studied up on it.

Think of a large steel shipping container reduced to ⅕ its size in minutes.


Yeah, minutes.  How is this possible?  Why would anyone want to do this in the first place?

First, it’s possible if they’re manufactured another way.

But it will cost more money to buy one of these bad boys.  Yet, it will save a lot of expenses on the back end.

I know what you’re thinking…how does it actually collapse?

Think of an accordion.  If you don’t know what an accordion is you may need to Google it mate!

Anyway, if you know what an accordion is now think of a shipping container folding up and down.  Like an accordion.  Pretty cool, right?

Now answering your question on why anyone would want to buy one of these has a lot of good answers to it.

  • It reduces shipping costs
  • Helps to solve congestion at ports and shipping yards
  • Saves space
  • Environmentally friendly


How can a collapsible shipping container save on shipping costs?

Let’s say you’re in the business of shipping.  You received a large shipment from China.  Within that shipment, you have 100 containers.

You empty all the containers and move your product out to market.  Now, you are stuck with 100 empty shipping containers.  What do you do with them?


What if you don’t have any more products to put into those empty shipping containers and export them back out?

The way I see it, you have three choices.

One, you leave 100 empty shipping containers on your lot.  If you do, you’re sitting on an asset that’s not making any money for you.

In fact, you may be paying a lot of rent to store them there.  Even if you’re not paying much rent, you still have empty containers not making any money for you.

Now they’re considered a liability.

Next, you could ship the empties back to where they came from.  That costs money too.  But think of how much space you’ll need on a ship to send all those containers back.

Space costs money.

The less of it you use, the more bang for your buck you’ll get!

Last, you could sell them.  But who wants the hassle of doing that!  Do you see where this is going?

What if you had 100 collapsible shipping containers?  You could collapse or “shrink” them down to ⅕ their size.

Then you could send them back using less deck space on the ship.  Less space means less cost to ship them back.

Don’t you want to ship them back fast?

This way you’ll get more products sent back to you to sell.




How do collapsible shipping containers do this?


Once they’re folded down they can stack on top of each other.  Five “collapsed” shipping containers equals one standard-size container.

Whoa, dude!

Now that’s what I call efficient baby.

You cannot only stack more empty containers at the port but also at the railheads.

The truckers then can pick up and haul five times more shipping containers than they did before.

Again, cha-ching!


How do collapsible shipping containers save space?

If they collapse and then stack on top of each other you end up with more storage space.

The more storage space you have, the more empty shipping containers you can store!

Then when you need one you take one off the stack by using a forklift or crane.

Next, you reconstruct it.  Seal it.  Close the doors and it’s ready to use again!


How are collapsible shipping containers environmentally friendly?

Think of the example above.

The less you have to pick up and move a shipping container the less Co2 emits into the air.


Remember, shipping containers move by sea, rail, and road.

It takes gas or diesel fuel to move ships, trains, and semi-trucks.  Think about it!  The more trips they make to move those shipping containers, the more Co2 is getting pumped into our ozone.

We are in a global warming crisis people!

The less Co2 pumped into the ozone, the better our environment will get.

It’s a no-brainer.


With all these great benefits why aren’t we seeing more of these used in the shipping industry?  Good question.

First, it takes money to buy these types of containers upfront.  Most businesses aren’t on board with this idea yet.

As much as they want to do the right thing for the environment it still all boils down to cost.

Plus, they’re not meant to replace all standard-size shipping containers anyway.  The shipping container industry still needs those containers for certain types of products.

At the end of the day, it’s still a great idea though!

Soon it may be possible to ship everything in a collapsible shipping container.

Soon the cost to buy one of them will reduce to the cost of a standard shipping container.

Soon we’ll be able to save our planet one shipping container at a time!



Our Mother Earth needs our help.

But how can using collapsible shipping containers do that?

  • They can reduce shipping costs
  • Reduce congestion at our sea and land ports
  • Save warehouse storage space

But the most significant advantage is that they can help reduce the Co2 that’s released into our air.

If you have any questions about shipping containers please give Used Conex a call.  You can reach us at 855-524-0888.

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